June 19 and 20, 2009

Thanks to all who made Wardsville Kin Day 1837 – 2009 a success.  The year was 1837 and the Rebellion of 1837 had failed.  Rebel leaders were fleeing across the St. Clair River to the U.S. side to escape hanging. Rumours were circulating that Dr. Duncombe, fugitive rebel leader, had successfully evaded militia men by disguising himself as a woman.  There was a constant flow of visitors to the Wardsville Museum whose loyalty to Queen Victoria was being checked by Upper Thames Re-enactment Society’s militia men.

Wardsville’s village centre hosted an open stage, barbeque, and museum talks while the children made rope, painted, and played games up in the park.  At 3:00 p.m., patrons were treated to Marion Johnson’s Duncombe Rebellion 1837 in the Wardsville United Church.  A fantastic feast was served under a big top tent by Villa Dining Lounge and the cast and crew put on their final closing performance in the evening. That wasn’t enough though. Bozena Bladek wowed the Afterglow revelers with her mile-long table of European cakes.  The karaoke selections featuring rebellion and lost-love were sung by local voices that should be topping the charts. Rural Canadian Culture reigns.  – Mary Simpson

“On behalf of the cast and crew of The Duncombe Rebellion, I would like to thank you for the exceptional hospitality we enjoyed on the final day of our tour. Coffee hour — lunch — then a gourmet dinner and finally a fabulous closing event — what more could you have done to welcome us and make us feel at home? Your generosity was amazing and so much appreciated!   Thank you for making our final Duncombe Day one long celebration!”  – Marion Johnson, Playwright, Duncombe Rebellion 1837.

“Great show and meal. Pass along my congratulations to your group. You put Wardsville on the map again.” Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, Vance Blackmore.

Wardsville was a triumph! Thank you for everything you did to create today’s huge success for the Duncombe Rebellion. Our cast was overwhelmed by your hospitality, grateful for the standing ovations and thrilled to bring your story to life. Wardsville is truly wonderful and so are both of you.  Smiles and big hugs, Nancy Johnson, Producer, Duncombe Rebellion 1837

Success in Wardsville. Lexington an equal success. The day was flawless, the Americans generous in their hospitality, the audience appreciative and the border crossing a breeze. (helped I expect by the long, detailed lists of everything. They didn’t even look at the prop boxes or our wooden muskets!). Word of Duncombe has reached an audience well beyond the theatre experience. I had three women visit Eldon House from St. Thomas who were telling me all about it. They hadn’t seen it (I asked of course) but they had heard wonderful feedback and said people were still talking. All good. What WOULD Duncombe think? Thank you everyone for your vision and support in bringing this project to life. Mission accomplished.   –  Nancy Johnson, Producer, Duncombe Rebellion 1837.

The event on Sat. was a success. The play was excellent & informative & the food good. Everything was well organized. Congratulations to you & your committee.  – Norma Schnekenburger

Thank you for the kind words and your thoughts to allow WAMBO to see [a photo] first hand of our program working for events like yours.  I am so glad your event was a rewarding experiance. On behalf of the committee and our Contractor, Kent Tents,  we were glad to help. When you have a plan for next year, be sure to give us a call.     -Bill Namink , Director Secretary of WAMBO Inc., 452 Wallace St., Wallaceburg, Ont., N8A 1L3    519-627-5789-H   519-436-8898-C   519-627-0161-F

I wanted so very much to be at the dinner and show. It was my son’s 3rd birthday on Saturday and I missed his birthday last year while on the road so I needed to make it up to him. Coupled with a house full of doting relatives made it a difficult conflict. I understand the day was a huge success. I am so heartened by the fact that there are more souls out there willing to help the town move to the next level.   – Terry Keep

Kin day was wonderful. The play was outstanding.    – Sharon Jobson


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