Wardsville Kin Day 1837 – 2009 Thankyou Everyone

Your Wardsville would like to thank everyone who made Kin Day weekend and the final performances of Duncombe Rebellion 1837 a success. 

 Denise Corneil, Event Coordinator

Living History Productions

Cast and Crew of the Duncombe Rebellion

Colonel Thomas Talbot aka Nick Wells

Members of Your Wardville community association.

Wardsville United Church

Wardsville Firefighters

TCCU Wardsville

Al Schneckenburger & Friends.

Betty Simpson

Larry Willis

Municipality of Southwest Middlesex

G&L Farms

Town and Country Landscaping

Steve Ferguson, Descendent of Charles Goodrich Tilden

Thames Talbot Land Trust

Lyn Champigny in honour of Beattie Haven Retirement Home

Upper Thames Re-enactment Society

Rodney Cycle and Machine

Lynn Cartier

Precision Concrete Ltd

Duncan Morrison and Grace McGartland in honour of The Arts and Cookery Bank

Nola’s Home Decor

Wardsville Golf Club

McWilliams Appliance

Darryl VanOirschot and Carrie Howard

E.L. Fordham Motors Ltd

Glencoe Pharmacy and Gift

Knapp’s Farm Service Inc.

Freida Timmers

Bozena Bladek

Egg Farmers of Ontario

Babcock Community Care Centre

Wolfe Equipment

Town Crier, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, Don McIlmoyle

Chris DeWit Construction Inc.

Dean Titus, CA

Pop’s Variety

Glencoe and District Historical Society

Green Street Landscaping

Stonehouse Antiques and Favourite Things

Manuel Moniz

Residents and Bussinesses of Wardsville and area.


Your Wardsville is a community of people who care about where they live. By mobilizing volunteers and raising funds, our community association takes on initiatives that promote, encourage and build community pride and identity. We value our history, culture, and creativity. Wardsville has a bright future and is committed to sustainable growth.


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