Egg-splore best breakfast spots in Ontario

Wardsville would like to thank the Egg Farmers of Ontario for supporting KinDay.  We also thank the President of EFO, Carollyne Griffith for attending the Duncombe Rebellion performance with her sister.

Egg Farmers of Ontario have just launched Ontario’s Best Breakfasts at It is the place to find the best breakfast spots in the province. Places where you can enjoy eggs served up just the way you like them.

Ever wish you knew where to find the best breakfasts in town?  Egg lovers have sent in more than 800 recommendations for the best places to eat breakfast in Ontario.  And, since you never know where your travels might take you this summer, Egg Farmers have given us the option of searching by restaurant, community or postal code.

Ontario’s Best Breakfasts will be updated weekly so check out the new entries and add a few new ones of your own.

Wardsville hopes you will  tell your friends, family and colleagues all about this list so that they can egg-splore the best breakfast spots in Ontario.

Get cracking!  Farmers feed cities and villages and rural people too.

Mary Simpson


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