Wardsville wants to attract young people, families too

Beattie Haven together with the village of Wardsville, Babcock long-term care, (not to mention a 27-hole golf course) are geographically situated at the juncture of four counties.  Beattie Haven and its picturesque village are attractive to people who want to age in a country setting. Beattie Haven is currently engaged in a long-term planning and development process that is looking ahead 25 years.  Initial mapping of assets indicates that Beattie Haven has a unique array of resources to work with.   The Wardsville golf course is studying housing options for young seniors. 

The boomers are moving into their senior years in large numbers and this is changing the demands for services.  Boomers are starting to plan ahead for their own needs as they help their parents cope with late life decisions.  Because we all age at different rates, some baby boomers are already coping with the early on-set of dementia and other life-changing illnesses. A trickle of new retirees and families is already arriving in Wardsville.  They have an interest in the Carolinian forests, rich farm land, untapped cultural heritage, and river basin culture. In rural southwestern Ontario where out-migration is a severe threat to local infrastructure and the economy, the potential to actually attract newcomers is no small thing.

It’s obvious that Wardsville and area is a retirement community, but we don’t want to brand it that way.  We also want to attract young people and families and people in their mid life who want a safe, secure, green place to live away from the urban hustle and bustle.  Wardsville needs people from all walks of life who appreciate its unique identity.  We want good neighbours who will get involved in community projects.


Mary Simpson 


One thought on “Wardsville wants to attract young people, families too

  1. Wardsville sounds like a very interesting place that is planning well for the future. To attract more baby boomers and get some exposure for your community you should consider posting a review at http://www.topretirements.com. The review is free and a good way to acquaint people with your community. Keep up the good work on Wardsville!

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