Egg Farmers of Ontario support Wardsville

As consumers embrace the “100 Mile Diet” and seek ways to buy food produced close to home, Egg Farmers of Ontario are proud to provide consumers with locally-produced eggs that travel from farm to table in approximately 4 to 7 days.  Wardsville is proud to have the Egg Farmers of Ontario  support our community revitalization process.  Egg Farmers of Ontario were one of our “Family Compact” sponsors for Kin Day weekend in June 2009.


Supporting local communities

Ontario egg farmers are proud to provide their local communities, as well as the province, with a supply of safe, reliable and reasonably-priced eggs. Many of these farms have been passed down through generations! Although times and technology have changed, the level of care today’s modern egg farmers give to their hens remains the same.

Egg farmers across Ontario are proud of their contribution to the health and economy of their local communities.


Many choices to consider

There are more varieties of eggs available in Ontario than ever before. Ontario’s family-run farms provide you with a variety of choices. All eggs, no matter which type you prefer, are produced according to the same Grade A standard of quality, freshness and cleanliness.

If your family uses a dozen eggs each week, a local farmer houses, feeds and cares for two hens all year long to provide those eggs.


About Egg Farmers of Ontario

Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) is an association that represents more than 400 egg and pullet farm families. EFO works to ensure that consumers have access to safe, reliable and reasonably-priced eggs with a fair return to the farmers.


For more information about Egg Farmers of Ontario visit


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