Wardsville United Church – our partner

The United Church of Canada is using the Internet to reach to the younger set.  Here’s a link to the site starting with Wardsville United Church.


“WonderCafe is a daring effort by The United Church of Canada to reach out to Canadians who may not attend church… WonderCafe isn’t just “selling” the denomination. It’s creating a new context for Canadians to talk about spirituality and faith.”

Click on Discussions to see what people are talking about.  There’s a directory of churches too.  Here’s Wardsville:

Wardsville United Church is located in the former village of Wardsville, now a part of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex. Our congregation is few in number but very active.

Wardsville United has an active Womens group that meets on the first Tuesday of every month, at 7:30 PM at Beattie Haven Retirement Villa. The congregation is open to hosting musical events featuring local and distant entertainers and are active on the local Your Wardsville committee, that looks at improving the quality of life in the Wardsville area.

We host a grade 4 – 9 youth group that meets on the first and third Sundays of the month. at 7 p.m.On the Saturday before Easter we invite the children of our church, and the children in the Wardsville area to an Eggcellent Easter Event that includes egg painting, basket making and an egg hunt in the church sanctuary.

Our women’s group holds two dinners a year as fundraisers, a silent auction and a bake sale at the Town Wide Yard Sale on June 27th.

The people of the church are also active in bring Duncombe Days to Wardsville as a part of the annual Kinday celebrations on June 20th 2009. A specially commissioned play, about the exploits of Dr. Charles Duncomb, during the 1837 rebellion in Upper Canada, will be performed at Wardsville United Church along with a special dinner prepared by a local chef.


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