Request to roll up our sleeves and work with SWM

Dear Mayor and Members of Council:

 The Board of Directors of Your Wardsville would like to propose a working session with our Municipal staff and representatives to work on a number of development issues that Your Wardsville community association would like to assist with:

  • Designing strategies for reaching towards the goals and objectives of the new Official Plan
  • Meeting with the community to look at the sewer system: how it can be paid for and better managed
  • Completing the branding process for which Your Wardsville has been gathering public input
  • Planning for park development: Little Kin park water access, parking, and future amenities.  The community requests that the property across from the park and United Church not be sold.
  • Other planning and development issues that SWM or the community would like to address.


Your Wardsville cannot comment on the the Lutchin property application, but we wonder if the lack of industrial zoning might act as a barrier to growth?  

Wardsville is working on a branding process in order to address a number of the O.P.’s objectives.  One opportunity is to brand Wardsville and area as a green community, attractive to natural farming and value-added food businesses such as Evergreen Juices. Light industry such as Ross Welding is very important to farming operations.  Could the lack of light industrial zoning result in Wardsville being unfriendly towards agriculture? Where would food processing, welding shops, green energy fabricators, farmer’s markets, etc. be located in Wardsville?

The rather defeatist and negative wording of the character of Wardsville in the new Official Plan is permeating Council discussions, newspaper reports, and general attitudes towards a historical community with some exceptional qualities and opportunities.  Is it too late to adjust the sections about character and population in the Official Plan to reflect a positive vision of the future before it is “cast in stone”?  How can a community with sewers and water be in “decline”?

Wardsville has some great opportunities and amenities to attract seniors, but should its primary goal be to attract a retirement population?  On the surface this seems like a good idea, as Wardsville is definitely moving towards the strategy of marketing itself as a “continuum of seniors’ housing and service”.  Is the goal of residential development going to limit other types of development?

These are all important issues that need to debated.  We appreciate the hard work of Council and staff and look forward to working collaboratively on the issues that Your Wardsville can help with.

We offer these comments in the context of Your Wardsville’s objects. (See below)


Mary Simpson, President, Your Wardsville community association


Backgrounder re: Your Wardsville community association


Your Wardsville: people who care about where they live.

Your Wardsville is a community association for the residents, property owners, and businesses of Wardsville and area. No longer content to be a “bedroom community”, Your Wardsville is proud of its 200-year history and welcomes new residents who choose to live here. Your Wardsville is committed to the grass roots: no one is excluded.

By mobilizing volunteers and raising funds, our community association takes on initiatives that promote, encourage and build community pride and identity. We value creativity and are committed to sustainable growth. 

Objects from Constitution

(a) To promote, encourage and build community pride and identity

(b) Liaise with our municipality, Southwest Middlesex

(c) Support community initiatives and committees

(d) To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests including real estate

(e) To raise funds for any of the foregoing objects.

(f) Organize special community events


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