What will drive Wardsville’s economy in the future?

What is the economic generator that will drive our local rural economy in the future?  Agriculture, for sure.  Manufacturing?  Health care? Tourism?  The more diversified the economy, the stronger it is.  Some argue that culture is an important economic engine. Creativity and entrepreneurism are the infrastructure.  People.  The guy who explains this well is Richard Florida and I recommend his writing.

Richard Florida is author of the global best-seller The Rise of the Creative Class. His latest book,Who’s Your City? also a national and international best seller, was an amazon.com book of the month.

He is author of The Flight of the Creative Class and Cities and the Creative Class. His previous books, especially The Breakthrough Illusion and Beyond Mass Production, paved the way for his provocative looks at how creativity is revolutionizing the global economy.

He tends to focus on city economies.  Where does that leave our rural economy?  Where are we headed?  What happens here when oil is permanently priced at over $100 per barrel?

Check out the thinkers and researchers at Richard Florida’s blog:  http://creativeclass.com/


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