Business Networking – Become Magnetic

Many people believe that we attract who we are. If that’s the case we’d better use this strategy with caution because the word magnetic literally means “possessing an extraordinary power of ability to attract”. So when you’re in a positive frame of mind you’ll attract positive people. And when you’re consumed with negativity you’ll end up surrounded by a bunch of negative nellies.

Becoming a center of influence makes you a living magnet for your business. What does that mean? It means that you’ll be recognized in the community as the go-to person, someone with a diverse, strong network. You’ll be someone that can help people overcome obstacles by offering resources and making valuable introductions. Yes – that could be you!
This week TAKE ACTION by attending an event with a positive mindset to attract positive people:
1.    Be ready to 
engage the people you attract with some basic conversation starters and questions.
2.    Identify 
common points of interest to connect on a more personal level.
Give flavored answers! For example, when you ask Dr. Misner how he’s feeling he says, “Any better and I’d cancel my life insurance”. There is no doubt that he’s loving life.
Don’t cross your arms. This is a visual cue that you’re open and approachable. You can attract people all day long but they won’t engage you if you don’t appear to be social or accessible.
5.    Give 
options for communication. Follow up is generally well received when you connect with people in the way they’re most comfortable. Simply ask if they prefer phone calls? Email? Texts?
Always have business cards because you never know who you might meet. If someone doesn’t have cards it makes you wonder how long they’ve actually been in business. Hmmmm?
Conquer your fear. Have you ever walked up to someone and actually had them turn and walk away? Probably not. Get in there!
Wear your name tag. Many times folks won’t approach you if they know that they should know your name and they don’t. Think of your name tag as a kind reminder…for others.
You will know that you are truly magnetic when you walk into a room full of people and they naturally gravitate toward you. According to the Law of Attraction, choose to be positive and great things will come your way!
Paula Frazier is a referral marketing trainer, consultant and keynote speaker. She is an Executive Director for BNI and part of a select team of Master Trainers for Referral Institute. Paula’s business networking articles have been published internationally. She is also acknowledged in the New York Times best seller, Truth or Delusion – Busting Networkings Biggest Myths. Check out #33, Delusion with a twist! Paula can be contacted at         


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