Village residents manage their clarifier tank responsibly

Your clarifier Tank (septic tank) is an integral part of Wardsville’s sewage treatment system. The following is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that apply to your drains and toilets. 

Dispose of Solids Appropriately

. Don’t put cigarette butts, paper towels, sanitary tampons, condoms, disposable diapers, kitty litter, coffee grounds, similar non-biodegradables or anything plastic down your drain or toilet. Dispose of them in your regular garbage.

. Don’t put cooking oils and grease down the drain. They can clog the pipes in your house and the rest of the system.

. Do compost kitchen waste instead of using a garburator. Using an in-sink garburator can increase the solids in your Clarifier tank by 40-50%, increasing the pump out costs for everyone.

Please inform Public Works if you presently have a garburator installed so that solids accumulation in your tank can be monitored.


Information from the
Southwest Middlesex Web-site







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