Wardsville Sewer System

The Wardsville area has been serviced with a Small Bore Sewers™ (SBS™) sewage collection system. This system was chosen because of its cost effectiveness to replace the failed septic systems in the village. The collection system consists of four components on each property. 


1.       Household Outlet – 100mm (4inch) ABS pipe from face of the house to the clarifier tank.

2.       SBS™ Clarifier Tank – Typically a 3600 litre two compartment high strength concrete tank. Larger commercial or institutional users may have a larger tank.

3.       Lateral – Normally a 50mm (2 inch) HDPE plastic pipe from outlet of the Clarifier tank to the sewer main.

4.       Sewer Main – A 75mm (3 inch) HDPE plastic pipe from your property to the old Main Street Sewer or the Main Pumping Station located adjacent to the old community tile bed.

For those properties that were on the old Longwoods Road sewer, two large 45,000 litre communal SBS™ Clarifier Tanks were installed at the downstream end of the old sewer line (North of the old tile bed).

SBS Clarifier Tank
The purpose of the Clarifier Tank is to remove any solids from your sewage prior to it entering the sewer line. This removal of the sewage allows the use of the smaller diameter sewer mains. The Clarifier Tank also helps to regulate the flow of sewage to the collection system and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).
The Clarifier Tanks have three access hatches for cleaning and maintenance. The hatch closest to the house connection is at the finished grade and is secured with tamper proof nuts. This access hatch will be used for inspection of the clarifier and for routine pumping of the clarifier approximately every 7 years. 
NOTE: The exposed access hatch should not be covered over with grass or other items (decks, swimming pools, garden sheds, etc.) There should be free access to this hatch and two buried hatches at all times. Contact Public works for As-Built drawings before doing any work in the area between your household connection and the sewer main line.




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