Public Meeting about Wardsville sewage treatment & finances

About 40 people attended the sewer meeting hosted by Southwest Middlesex and Your Wardsville.  Several speakers spoke about development projects that are in the works for Wardsville and then reps from the Municipality explained the Small Bore System sewer system: history, technology, finances, environment, and legislative obligations.

There are two problems: The treatment plant has been having problems and the operation costs have exceeded the revenues.  

A lot of complex information was shared at the meeting.  For more information about this system, search SWM’s web-site.  Call Janneke Newitt or Sherry Graham at the Municipal office for financial information.


Currently Southwest Middlesex Utilities is operating the Nisbet communal water system in the Village of Wardsville.

The Wardsville sanitary sewer system is operated as a separate entity.

For Utility Billing Information, click here.

If you have a problem with your water or sewer services, please call Southwest Middlesex at 287-2015 and ask to speak with Elizabeth Jeffery. Any billing inquiries may be directed to the Water Billing Department.


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