Example of Barn Quilt in Iowa

This barn quilt is the creation of Carol and Larry Bailey. Carol, a veteran quilter, designed this variation of the combined evening star and pinwheel patterns.

Larry was in charge of painting the pattern on two 4 x 8 sheets of plywood. The quilt has a navy blue background with the star painted in burgundy and the center pinwheel in white. The quilt is attached to the old milkhouse, a cement block structure on the couple’s acreage at 3081 170th Street. Carol said she chose those three colors “because I like that combination. It is somewhat patriotic, although I used a burgundy rather than a brighter red.”
The quilt has been on display since July 2007. “It was our goal to have it up before the RAGBRAI riders rode past on their way to Alexander,” Carol said. “We met our deadline by just a few days.” Carol said she was asked by riders who stopped by the food stand at their house why they were seeing barn quilts across Iowa. “All I could say was that I love to quilt. That’s why I wanted one,” she explained.

Source: Belmont Independent, Iowa, June 25, 2009


See also “The Barn Quilt Movement catches on”


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