Quilt honours Mrs. George Ward

In 1810 George Ward founded Wardsville at the request of the British
Gov’t. Mrs Margaret Ward was there along side him. She was there when
the inn was built, the children were born, the land cleared and the
garden planted. She mended and cooked not only for George but any soul
that was traveling Longwoods Road. She carried water from Paint Creek
to cook in, to bath and wash her children and all the  clothes.  

During the War of 1812-1814, she ran for her life , hiding her children and
herself when the Americans came. “The enemy, caught George, put a
rope around his neck and hanged him until life was almost extinct’.

She did it and survived.

I know she made quilts to keep her family warm, used up old and worn
clothing. Maybe she made a quilt to pass the time.

Let’s HONOUR Mrs. George Ward. We don’t care what you sewing ability is. We just want you to come and
get involved in this great historical, legacy project.

All people that get involved will have their name  stitched on the
quilt. A booklet will be made with all of our names and put into a
time capsule for Kin Day 2010.

Tell you neighbors and friends let’s make this a great project.

Please….come and get involved

We are the Women of Wardsville
Denise Corneil
Your Wardsville
1852 Longwoods Rd
Wardsville, ON
N0L 2N0


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