Wardsville’s vision for an Ontario Barn Quilt Touring Route

The Vision

A barn quilt touring route marked by barn quilts, spiritual places, cairns, and battle sites that winds through Southwestern Ontario from Windsor to Niagara, commemorating the lives, stories, and conflicts of the War of 1812-1814.

What is a Barn Quilt?

A barn quilt mural is made of two sheets of high grade plywood (MDO plywood), 8’x8′ square, which has an individual quilt block pattern transferred to the plywood and painted with specifically chosen outdoor paint and sealed to withstand the weather. Other sizes can be made (4’x4′) but the larger size creates a bigger impact.
Looking to add a little character to your barn? Barn quilts are becoming the latest craze in rural America. The barn quilts not only add interest to your barn, but they grab the attention and interest of people driving by your barn. The mission of the barn quilt program is to celebrate quilting as a traditional art form, appreciate the architecture of farm buildings and rural landscapes, promote art appreciation, and stimulate county economic growth while celebrating our agricultural heritage. Barns, corn cribs, public buildings, homes, gardens, open spaces are the locations of mounts chosen for the heritage quilt designs.
To get the picture, google “barn quilt” images.
Board of Directors,Your Wardsville community association


2 thoughts on “Wardsville’s vision for an Ontario Barn Quilt Touring Route

  1. Hello,
    I love your quilting idea for a barn.
    Our barn is presently being cleaned and modified to hopefully have art for heart healing in the next 1-2 years.
    So the quilt thing is a neat grabber.
    I was shown how to quilt by a lady in England and enjoy it but have not had time to sit down and actually complete something.
    I also noticed that you were looking for supportive Bed and Breakfasts in your area for the Carolinian Forests.
    It will be my highest goal to promote more eco-options and retreats which we already offer from a health & well-being niche to add in the hiking, biking, and bird seeing programs in the area.
    I already had yours pegged as one of them.
    I need to get myself over there to do live camera work plus pictures next spring summer of 2010 to promote your area!
    With Highest Love & Support for your community
    Nicole Hibbs & Mel Brand
    West Lorne
    Owners of the Meridian Energetics B&B Spa Retreat

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