Crossroads Bistro, Wardsville

Let’s welcome Penny Todd, the “hostess with the mostess” who is betting on Wardsville and area as a community that will rally to support a bistro offering healthy food choices of freshly prepared foods from the finest ingredients.  The atmosphere is clean, modern, professional and offers free wireless internet to customers.  And she’s fast.  She’s catering to all that traffic that passes through Wardsville.  Quick, stop, and grab a bite.  Or relax and sip coffee on those wonderful chairs.

She had a great New Year’s Party and we hope she has more!

Dave’s Cafe can sigh with relief;  customers wanting to eat after he closes in the early afternoon will not be disappointed.  Between the two food establishments, we hope that one will be able to grab a bite anytime of the day.  Of course, that depends upon us, the clientele.  It also depends upon the quality of the food.  The higher the quality of food and service, the farther people will drive to partake.

Posted by Mary Simpson

M Hulls: Thanks for the info on the new restaurant in Wardsville.  I will not be able to attend on Dec. 5 but will try to get over in the near future.

N Johnson: This is very exciting news for Wardsville. As someone who looked for a cup of coffee and snack after Dave’s Cafe closing hours I’m especially thrilled! We’re doing an Eldon House play on December 5 but if at all possible would love to be there for open house. Marion and I went to a dinner theatre event at Thamesville United Church on Friday night. Her minister in London was former minister at this church which is how we happened to be there.  It was great, Some one knew all about Duncombe play and really regretted they’d missed it. Best wishes, Nancy


One thought on “Crossroads Bistro, Wardsville

  1. Happy to have a new restaurant in Wardsville. Look forward to trying it out. Good luck to this new establishment!

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