Wardsville Bicentennial Launches!

It is 2010 – two hundred years since a Mr. George Ward was asked by the British government to set up a tavern on Longwoods Road between Thamesville and Delaware.  Not that many Canadian villages have celebrated 200 years. The goal of Wardsville Bicentennial is to get as many people as possible involved in commemorative activities – creating memories and leaving a legacy.  Fabric, film, paint and pen are the tools being used to build community through the arts and heritage.  

Wardsville intends to offer opportunities for local artists and artisans to engage with the community.  And they want everyone to learn about their heritage.   Wardsville realizes that if they were south of the border, George Ward would be a very big deal. The Ward family is planning to attend the Kin Day festivities on Father’s Day weekend in June. No descendants live in Wardsville now.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ward suffered many trials and tribulations during those early years. Clearing forest, making a home, hosting both warring factions at his inn.  “Both armies passed his door and he suffered many losses from the enemy.” George Ward was accused of treason in connection with the War of 1812.  The records of the trial were never made available and the case was dropped.  He never gave up trying to clear his name. 

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