Official Plan SWM, Wardsville Bridge, and Sewage Effluent

Report from Mayor Doug Reycraft, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex

a. Plan for residential development on the Wardsville Golf Course been hold while SWM Official Plan is completed. On Friday, SWM received word that the Official Plan has been approved by the Province. Wardsville boundaries are approved and that project can start to move ahead again.

b. County Council last Tuesday approved contract for rehabilitation for the Wardsville Bridge. $1 million project to start this summer.

c. Ministry of Environment has expressed strenuous concern about the quality of effluent from the Wardsville effluent treatment plan. SWM is receiving a report tomrorow that will recommend a contract be awarded to a certain firm to upgrade the plant. Budget is $267,000. Good news is that federal gas tax transfers will pay for this capital improvement.

Wardsville residents installed a sewage effluent treatment system around the year 2000 that they are paying for over time.  On November 18th, the Mayor of Southwest Middlesex, Doug Reycraft, elected councillors and staff met with village residents to discuss the finances and the technology. The capital cost of installation has been paid for. Increased rates will  cover the on-going operating cost of the system. For further information, call 287-2015.

Excerpt from minutes of Your Wardsville members’ meeting, January 19, 2010.


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