Twin Valleys Community & School

Not surprisingly, Twin Valleys Community & School was a very important milestone in the lives of some special youngsters that have gone on to have significant lives, carreers…

And they are intrigued by the invitation to “come home” to Wardsville.

Ten are thinking about it, but waiting to receive more information.  These “kids” are now aging Zoomers – who wouldn’t mind coming back to the property and reconnecting with their youth.

Let’s roll out the red carpet

Mary Simpson

Twin Valleys Community & School


5 thoughts on “Twin Valleys Community & School

  1. Hi Mary,
    There are many of us who lived as families at Twin Valleys School as well during those years. My parents worked there and my younger sister Melissa was born at home on the property at Twin Valleys (Dr. Ross Lange was on staff at the Valley at that time). We met and loved many wonderful people and are looking foward to seeing them the weekend of the 200th celebration. Thanks for the great information and I love the Your Wardsville site!
    Jenn Lewis-Walker

    • Hi Jenn, Vicky was telling me that your family lived there. And Melissa born there! I was hoping you would hear about it and let your parents know. There’s going to be a great celebration on Father’s Day. Mary Simpson.

  2. I was one of the TVS delinquents! lol hard to believe that was 30 years ago. I came by for a visit a couple summers ago but would love to be able to attend a reunion. Thanx for the warm welcome.

  3. I was there when i was about 15 yrs old , the website brough back please memories i went there from the childrens age and found friends and kindness, was a different era. I would like any info on reunion i would go. Was there when the log cabin was built in a very short time

  4. I was there with my family in the late 70s. Richard and Marilyn Pfaff were my parents along with my brother David and my sister Karen. Dont have any pics from then. Any chance anybody has any….thanks Steve Pfaff

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