Duncombe Rebellion 1837 costumes win Brickenden award

Congratulations to Brenda for winning her first Brickenden award last night, beating out some very serious competition! Her victory was well-deserved — the costumes were the visual highlight of The Duncombe Rebellion and added so much to our show. On a very frugal budget but with considerable knowledge and attention to accuracy, she re-created the look of the 1830’s, assisted by the other Duncombe Designers Karen Wadsworth, Maureen Ryan and Cathy Luke. Well done, team!

The Ballyhoo award went to P.S. Your Cat is Dead, and the Best Original Script to Dan Ebbs’ historical play Scenes from a War, so Duncombe did not win any further prizes last night, but I am pleased with the presence we had. It was a thrill to see our production represented in the slideshow, and to be nominated 3 times, to see Brenda win and to hear her gracious acceptance speech. Kudos to the hard-working Brickenden team for pulling off an excellent awards night, that even managed to be quite entertaining!

The only sad part is that our lovely production now feels truly ‘over’. I’m so glad we have Terry’s wonderful pictures to remember it. Many thanks to everyone – you are all winners! special thanks to Jason Rip, whose direction was inspired, and to Jason Sousa, who made Charles Duncombe live again so convincingly. Not least of all, thanks and congratulations to Nancy, who loves history so much, and who gave a year of hard work, vision and determination into the realization of The Duncombe Rebellion 1837. For all of us, I think, the biggest reward was the tremendous satisfaction the audiences experienced, and the vindication our production offered to a number of forgotten heroes of Upper Canadian history. The Duncombes, Doans, Tildens and Shenicks thank you!

Cheers! Marion Johnson

Playwrite, Duncombe Rebellion 1837

History of the Brickenden Awards


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