Twin Valleys Reunion

My name is Hal Jenner and I am in the position of organizing the 2010 Twin Valleys reunion in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of Wardsville. It was with great pleasure that I first received this invitation and it has been widely accepted by former teachers and students of Twin Valleys and we thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your activities. There are already over 30 people who are planning on attending the reunion and I am sure that number will grow as time goes on.

Twin Valleys was a life changing experience for anyone who lived there and we are all looking forward to sharing what it meant to us with you. We will be producing a video for the short presentation of music and scenes from Twin Valleys glory days as well as having some videotaped comments by former residents who cannot attend. We are working on a one hour presentation and at this point are considering different ways of presenting the community to you.

George Bullied, founder and director of the school is attending the reunion and will speak on behalf of the community. We also intend to have some form of musical presentation. We are asking a local resident to speak about how Wardsville thought of the school and its residents to provide a balanced. It is all very exciting and I am looking forward to seeing the old town again. I spent 4 years there  from 1975 – 1979 and it gave me my career in Social Services because of what I learned there. I was one of the misfits when I arrived and left a man with a new perspective on life. It would not have been possible if not for the support of the people of Wardsville and we are looking forward to thanking you all for it.


4 thoughts on “Twin Valleys Reunion

  1. I will notify Tina Downham, who was a good friend and benefactor to the school in the 70’s. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to go.

  2. Hi Hal,

    I lived at Twin Valleys from 1978-1980. I remember you. I always thought a Twin Valleys reunion would be a wonderful idea. It’s great you are organizing this event. When is it being planned for?



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