I grew up again at Twin Valleys

Ah Twin Valleys what a healing, what honesty, love truly made manifest in non flowery but tangible ways. I miss the comraderie so immensely and yet I feel so connected especially since reading all these emails. I am a hippy at heart and it has never left me. I actually truly felt a part of the love scene and endeavored to create a place where it could be proved out. Ironically,  after I lived at Twin Valleys I studied acting in New York and the emphasis was on being spontaneous and truthful which were survival tools at Twin Valleys.

I find it hard to explain the emotional and real impact of living at Twin Valleys and then thrusting myself into Metropolitan Manhattan. However I had a reference point that I could refer to, it was honed by experience, experience shared with real people who at times were brutally honest yet totally forgiving and if I fell I knew they would catch me. I grew up in Sault Ste Marie Ont and yet I grew up again at Twin Valleys. I broke through a lot of my prejudices, they were wierd prejudices, really stupid, and to be quite honest that is one of the singularly great things that I still carry from Twin Valleys, that is, the ability to see that I have prejudices and that I am wrong and that I can change and drop them.

I have a lot of things and issues that I could spend evenings elaborating on that I experienced at Twin Valleys and to be quite honest give me a chance and I will. However, to be brief, I am grateful to have been there and to have helped initiate it. In passing I actually really loved Wardsville and wished I could have lived there. Life however had me go somewhere else.

yours truly Rod Conway


2 thoughts on “I grew up again at Twin Valleys

  1. So good to hear you speak, Rod, after all these years. I arrived a year after you in September 1972 to join George and Pat and the others looking to grow up again and see what we could do on this planet. With university, teacher’s college and 6 months in Europe behind me, I still didn’t know what to do with my life. I found my wife, had my children, and helped build the TVS community over my years there til 1983. I loved going into Wardsville. Things I remember there were taking a group of our students to the Seniors’ res by the Thames River to sing Christmas carols. The folks including the senior Nisbet, enjoyed the music and one gentleman told me that he liked it, but we would have been much better if we would have practised!! He was so right!! I also enjoyed my pie and coffee at Elsie’s WagonWheel, chatting up Don Nisbet and his bro at the store and of course, the occasional beer at the hotel.

    I now live in Newmarket, Ontario, and my life is working fabulously for me. Twin Valleys woke me up to what I could do and gave me the chance to do so much. Thanks to a wee area in southern Ontario (I like Rod am from northern Ontario, Fort Frances) I was launched into the rest of my life. Thanks to the Wardsville committee for opening up the upcoming reunion. I plan on being there.


    Les Kerr

  2. Bill George was an electrician living in Wardsville who embraced TVS, even though our bill payments to him and all others were always slow! As I played a part in getting tradesmen to work at our community, I spent time with Bill. Anyone who knew him realized that Bill had lots to say(a real story teller!). A kind and gentle man he was indeed. But did you know that he had a number of experiences with extraterrestials? Yes indeed! I heard all about it one Sunday evening in 1974 when I had called Bill to see if he could drive me to the hospital in Chatham after a small truck accident(Our vehicles were always either broken down or nearly broken in the early days). On the way there he regaled me with his sightings of saucers and bright lights in the sky that he had experienced. I was surprised, as I thought that we TVS folk were supposed to be authors of unusual ideas!!! It was a pleasure to be with him.

    His warmth and acceptance of our rough and ready group was instrumental to our wider acceptance in the local community. I was very honoured to be called by his wife Mossie, to be a pall bearer for him in 1975.

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