Middlesex County Tourism is on the way!

Boy did we get a lecture today.  “Work together!” we were admonished by Donna Messer, an amazing entrepreneur and the networking queen.  Donna doesn’t waste time or mince words about the importance of deep collaboration among individuals, groups, municipalities, youth, government.  She didn’t lecture us; she facilitated a networking session that demonstrated the art of brainstorming ideas, business plans, and marketing strategies for getting our communities back on the map.

Many thanks to Community Futures Development Corporation of Middlesex  County and Sheila (one of our Wardsville fans) for organizing a great tourism ‘party’ today over at Strathroy.  Glenn Stott and Marvin Recker, Upper Thames Re-enactors were there.  The new economic development officer for Middlesex County was there.  Jeremy Gough, up and coming Glencoe Ag Society rep was getting ideas for the Glencoe Fair. Over 70 people in all.

A great day; wish our entire Wardsville team could have attended.  Rhonda Long attended on behalf of Daytripping.  Great to see  you, Rhonda!

Ailsa Craig showed up in full force.  They’ve got a good thing going over there.  And one of the Sparta sparkplugs was there to tell her story. Bev Shipley attended too; our MPs have time to get out and work in the community because they’re not tied up in parliament right now.

Loved it.  A great shot in the arm.

We’ve got work to do, Wardsville.

Mary Simpson


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