Re-enactors restore Battle of the Longwoods site.

Southwest Middlesex: Marvin Recker, a Caldwell Ranger, is making the rounds, telling the story of the Battle of the Longwoods, March 4, 1814. He recently spoke to the Mosa #1 Community Club and is shown here demonstrating battle formation with Nola Dow’s assistance.  The Upper Thames Military Reenactment Society has discovered that the County of Middlesex owns a considerable margin of land beside Longwoods Road where the War of 1812-14 skirmish was fought.

Working with the County and the community, the property is being cleaned up so that the reenactors can stage events at the actual battle site.  There were more than 100 battles in North America during this war.  Only one site in Canada, Chippewa, hosts military re-enactments. The Battle of the Longwoods site will be the second. Working with Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, Mr. Recker and the re-enactors are seeking funding for granite interpretative signs that will tell the story from two perspectives: British and American.

William Caldwell Sr., Caldwell Ranger, demonstrates battle formation War of 1812-14.

Marvin Recker, Upper Thames Re-enactment Society and Nola Dow, Vice President, Mosa #1 Community Club


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