The Farmer’s Wife Quilt Block is up

The “Farmers Wife: Margaret Ward” is being temporarily displayed on the Thamesville Community Credit Union Wardsville (TCCU) building.  Last week, three local men helped Tom McCallum hoist the Farmer’s Wife up onto the wall.  Tom is the  lead installer for the Wardsville Bicentennial Barn Quilt Project.  Mauro Recordi, TCCU manager, and the Board of Directors are dedicated supporters of the Bicentennial Project.

The  “Farmer’s Wife” was painted by Rick Sommer.  This mural which measures 8 feet by 8 feet pays homage to Mrs. Ward and all the other women who had to be fierce warriors to survive.

Glenn Stott, re-enactor and historian, has been pouring over the losses claimed for London and Western Districts after the War of 1812.  “We forget that war was fought on our soil – right here in Middlesex and Elgin,” Stott says. “Think how precarious their survival was as early settlers and then think how their farms were razed to the ground by various raiding parties, battles, and skirmishes over the course of three years. This was war – not ‘tough times'”.

Each of the 30 Blocks of the George Ward Commemorative Fabric Quilts will be replicated on 8’x8’ Barn Quilt Blocks and mounted on barns, the library, and gardens in Wardsville and area.

One is done; 29 left to go.

Heritage quilt block commemorating Mrs. Margaret Ward

Honouring the women who suffered during the War of 1812 - 1814.


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