Let’s welcome cyclists coming down Longwoods Road

Why doesn’t Wardsville put out a little welcome mat for cyclists coming through?  Longwoods Road is not easy pavement; it has a very narrow edge and there are few businesses catering to cyclists or providing services.  Crossroads Bistro is a great refuge.

Meet Nick Rausa. This newly graduated Windsorite is travelling “From the Great Armpit of Ontario to the Glorious Hills Of Quebec.”

His trip landed him in Wardsville May 24th last year looking for water.  Denise Corneil saw him scouting around and invited him in to fill his water bottles. He told her that bottled water was to expensive when on a tight budget.

Follow his trip over the summer at  http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/diragusa

Nick gave her a walk around his bike. It was loaded.  Denise thinks we should watch his progress.

I met cyclist, Daniel Rego, a month later at Muscutt’s County Store – a very interesting character from Finland.  His blog is at http://www.rego.be

In early August 2009, my cousin Cathy Clarke took an exhausted cyclist home from Lakeview Gardens.  She had been toiling down Hwy 3 on her trip from midwest U.S. to Vermont.  She was disappointed in the quality of Hwy 3: no shoulder, rough pavement.

We need a few “tent and breakfasts” for our visitors.  Five-star camping. What else can we do to attract and welcome visitors?

Mary Simpson


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