Mrs. Ward’s Commemorative Fabric Quilt: calling all quilters

In October 2009, Wardsville’s quilt committee began designing a fabric quilt to commemorate their community’s bicentennial and founder, George Ward.

All quilters and those who would like to learn are invited to quilt.  Call Eleanor Blain for scheduling (519) 693-4616:

  • Thirty quilt blocks symbolizing Ward’s life, his birth in Ireland, his involvement in several Wars in Europe as well as in North America, the request from the British government for him to homestead in the Wardsville area in 1810.
  • The quilting will soon begin at Beattie Haven.
  • The quilting committee intends to enter the George Ward Commemorative Quilt in the 2010 Plowing Match Quilting Competition that is to be held in Elgin County in May.
  • Each block will have maker and block name embroidered on block
  • Citizens involved will have their picture (film) name, brief biography, and their involvement with Wardsville noted in a legacy booklet

In 1810, Mr George Ward was requested by the British Government to establish a stopping point for travellers along the section of Longwoods Road between Thamesville and Delaware. The British were aware that a possible war was in the future. When the war of 1812-14 was imminent Mr Ward was asked to supply provisions and fresh horses for the military.

Ward was also a player in the Battle of the Longwoods on March 6, 1814. He homesteaded the area called Wards Station, now Wardsville, creating a home for his wife and family. He suffered many trials and tribulations not only with the environment but as well at the hands of the enemy. He managed to live out his days here and died in 1837. His remains are buried at the historical Wardsville cemetery.


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