Legacy Photograph Project

Every individual (or family) of Wardsville and area is requested to participate in the legacy photograph project.  Show up at Friday evening or Saturday afternoon during the Bicentennial Celebration on Father’s Day weekend and have your picture taken as part of Wardsville’s photographic record.

The legacy photograph project will record the exact appearance of its citizens in 2010.  The high quality negatives and prints will be placed in a storage container and included in a time capsule to be opened 100 years hence. A digital image will be printed immediately as a souvenir photograph to be given to each person.

Larry Merin, Fran Lutchin’s nephew, will use traditional black and white film that can be stored indefinitely.  Dave Chidley is planning to photograph using digital technology.

We need a few wranglers to help steer people through the studio.  Watch for other upcoming details.  Call Mary Simpson 519 287 356 for more information.  This is an opportune time to capture the great people of this mighty little town. Full participation provides a complete record of Wardsville society.


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