Equestrian Friends of Southwest Middlesex

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The number of horse owners in Southwest Middlesex is growing, and that’s a good thing! The purpose of this group is to provide a virtual place where we can ask questions about our horses and the community we live in; buy, sell and trade tack and other services; organize community events and trail rides; coordinate shared transportation to horse shows and other equine events; and to share our love of horses and our community.

Shared by Vance Blackmore


One thought on “Equestrian Friends of Southwest Middlesex

  1. Vance and Cathy: Thank-you so much for posting a comment on “Your Wardsville” blog. This makes Mary and I feel like people are actually looking at the site and …..figuring out how Wardsville, Southwest Middlesex can entice those tourist dollars to our area.
    What a wonderful idea. Horse riding along the Mighty Thames.
    Let’s get togther and make a plan. Please attend the meeting November 28, 2007. Please see actual post on this blog for more details. With the amount of reponse we are getting there is sure to be follow up meetings.
    Wish us luck
    Thanks Denise

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