Thames Clear Water Revival

London is taking the lead on a new Thames River initiative: the Clear Water Revival. I just returned from an encouraging day spent with many different agencies.  I was there wearing my hat as member of the Thames Canadian River Heritage Committee but chatted up the bureaucrats about Wardsville and injected my rural perspective into the mix.

Accolades to organizer Pat Donnelly, a City employee who is passionate about the River.  The 30 participants shared current and upcoming projects benefitting water quality of the Thames River and related tributaries and brainstormed future initiatives.

The last complete watershed analysis for the Thames River was done 35 years ago in 1975 – the “Thames River Basin Water Management Study” by MOE / MNR. A lot has changed since then including the Heritage River designation.

Ministry Natural Resources, Upper Thames Conservation Authority, Lake Erie: Ministry of the Environment, City of London Waste Water Management, and Chippewa on the Thames.

Terrific breadth of expertise and insight.

Mary Simpson


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