5 quilts left to go.

If you were intending to paint a quilt, you’d better head to Beattie Haven Retirement Home soon.

Today featured artists –  Rosemary Cranney (Newbury) and Gwen Card (Appin).   It took me all day to learn the cross hatch technique.  Marlene and I were encouraged to paint with Black Paint!  Great fun.  And we stayed inside the lines (mostly) of these beautiful designs.  Eight feet square.

Angie and Sheila from the new organization “Tourism Middlesex” dropped by to take pictures for their magazine and website.  They are thrilled because they see the potential of spreading the barn quilt movement across Middlesex County.

If you know anything about institutional food these days, you will be blown away by the meals Beattie Haven serves.  They served us cheese sandwiches and pickles, nothing special  but it’s real food prepared by loving hands.  No Cisco truck pulled up and dumped off trays of pre-fried industrial chicken strips or soup from powder.  No sirree.  Beattie Haven Retirement Home is a VERY special place and Your Wardsville appreciates their hospitality and generosity.

Can’t wait to see all the quilts on display June 18-20 at the Wardsville Ball Park.

Mary Simpson


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