The Henderson Family: geneology

Mary, I’m unable to visit Wardsville for the bicentennial but can offer some information on the Hendersons.  The place to start is Henry Henderson at

This is a wiki genealogy site and is always a work in progress and subject to change at any time.  Anything in blue is a link and the descendants can be found by clicking on the links.  Children can only be seen by starting with a family page – that’s important to remember.  If you get lost either hit the back button or use the SEARCH function making sure to click the exact box.  Living individuals are not permitted on the site.

If any Henderson descendant wishes to contribute and can’t figure out how to contribute directly, they can always email me and I will try to add the information.  The site will automatically notify me if a change is made to a page I am monitoring.

You will notice that Wardsville, Middlesex, etc. is in blue and is also a link.  The page has a reference to Ken Willis’ two books.  If someone would like to improve on the page, I will also see that it is done.

Hope the event is a great success.

Howard Jackman


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