Marion Johnson, playwright, wows the Fringe again

Our friend and playwright, Marion Johnson, who wrote Duncombe Rebellion 1837 was busy again this year with her  third London Fringe adaptation of a classic romantic novel, Emma by Jane Austen.

Too bad the Fringe Festival in London overlapped with Wardsville’s Kin Day and Bicentennial.  Marion and Nancy both sent their regrets.  The Duncombe cast would have loved to attended the Wardsville celebration.

Maron’s Emma play was used to promote the Fringe Festival.

Handsome, clever and rich, Miss Emma Woodhouse does whatever she pleases – even if it means ruining her friend Harriet Smith’s happiness, humiliating the Reverend Mr Elton, flirting with a man engaged to someone else, insulting her old friend, Miss Bates, and arguing incessantly with her mentor, Mr Knightley. Emma may be trouble but she’s never dull! And despite her miscalculations, everything ends happily in this funny, energetic 60 minute adaptation by Londoner Marion Johnson of Jane Austen’s monumental novel, Emma. The third in a trilogy of Fringe adaptations, EMMA follows up on the over-the-top success of DARCY & ELIZABETH (Best of Fringe 2006) and WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Best of Fringe 2008). Beautifully directed by Don Fleckser (2010 Maggie Bassett Award winner), featuring an all star cast of talented young actors, with gorgeous costumes, operatic singing, and scene after scene of pure comic delight, EMMA is sure to be the talk of the Fringe!

VENUE: WOLF Performance Hall, Central Library

Fringe TIMES:
FRI Jun 18 7pm
SAT June 19 4:30pm
MON June 21 8:30pm
WED June 23 10pm
SAT June 26 9pm
SUN June 27 4pm

TICKETS : $10 at the door (you must have a Fringe button $5)

SHOW LENGTH: 60 minutes

For more info, check out our website at


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