Villa Dining Lounge meets the slow food challenge

Bravo, Ryan and Villa catering. You went out on a limb and prepared an authentic meal from pure non-processed ingredients and the Bicentennial Committee is profoundly grateful for the extra effort your kitchen took to prepare a “home made” supper circa 1810.

Chicken bones were rendered to make the broth for the Three Sisters Soup (corn, squash, beans) in the kitchen of Chef Ryan. No MSG; only fresh ingredients.

The 400 pieces of Bannock were made by hand and the guests wanted more. No mixes. No pre-made product.

The chicken was carefully prepared and lightly seasoned. The potatoes were peeled and mashed to perfection. Succotash, a mix of green beans, corn, lima beans and chopped tomatoes far exceeded the standard frozen yellow, green beans and machine-tooled baby carrots.

The rhubarb  crisp wouldn’t win a prize for culinary presentation but the taste far exceeded what I make in my kitchen.

There was a little murmuring about the meal because it was different from our wonderful roast beef country suppers (invariably subsidized by our hardworking and aging women). Of course, the meal certainly didn’t contain the salt and fat levels we are so accustomed to.  We also know of friends and family who no longer eat catered or restaurant meals because their bodies cannot tolerate preservatives and prepared foods. We think Mrs. Ward’s husband George would have enjoyed it.

Many thanks to the Villa for all the extra work to prepare a special home-made vintage meal, and thanks for cutting back on the salt and No MSG.

I loved it.

Denise Corneil.


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