The Blain Farm Land Trust

Since its inception in 2000, the mandate of the Thames Talbot Land Trust has included the protection of both natural and agricultural features.

In March 2009, both aspects of the Trust’s mandate were advanced with the securement of the Blain Farm.  The farm, located in the Municipality of West Elgin just west of Wardsville, was purchased from Wilbert and Eleanor Blain, local residents who have farmed the land for over 70 years.

The 26 hectare property features 20 ha of productive cropland as well as 1.3 km of river frontage.  Between the cropland and the river are 6 ha of riverine forest and terraced floodplain.  The Blain Farm lies within the Skunks Misery Natural Area as designated by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  It is located one kilometre south of Skunk’s Misery Forest, one of the region’s most important natural areas.

The riverine forest of the Blain Farm serves as a natural corridor connecting the Thames River to the core of the Skunk’s Misery forest complex.  The property features a variety of Carolinian species such as Hackberry, Sycamore, Bladdernut and Spicebush.  The site’s sandbars and other riverfront features are also likely breeding sites for rare turtle freshwater mussel species.

For the complete article and a fact sheet, go to the TTLT web-site.


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