Wardsville Golf Club planning an adult lifestyle community.

Wardsville Golf Club was established in 1958 as a nine hole course. The course was purchased by Harry Van Dyk about 20 years ago who oversaw the expansion to 18 holes in 1992. A further expansion in 2005 introduced the latest 9 hole course, Theodore.

Harry and Ria Van Dyk’s children and spouses now share ownership of the golf club. They include Laura Van Dyk and her husband Carl Kennes, sisters and brother-in-laws Sandra and Ron Horvat, and Tracy Van Dyk and Greg Burns.

Wardsville Golf Club consists of approxiamately 400 members.

Of great interest to the community is their project, the Wardsville Golf Estate Villas, The family has begun planning an adult lifestyle community that will target the healthy, early-retiring baby boomers who desire an active lifestyle.

Having purchased 100 acres of undeveloped land adjacent to the golf course (Theodore), zoning for the property is underway. Residents will share a private cart path to the golf course and clubhouse. Other amenities are being considered.

Development details can be provided by the project manager Carl Kennes – Director of Golf for Wardsville Golf Club at the email address carlkennes@wardsvillegolfclub.ca .

Ph: 519-693-4921
Fax: 519-693-4922


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