Local artist, Scott McKay shows work in London

Metal Artist: Scott McKay
Art by the Ton

August 17-28, 2010
Opening Reception: August 17, 7-9pm

The creation of my art is generally a dangerous endeavour. Sparks fly, flames shoot and molten steel explodes on the floor. The obvious perils of distraction awaken me to look at what I have created thus far. As quick as these realities snap me out of my focus my eye catches a form in the forest or in a scrap pile that deserves tribute. I surround myself with preshaped efforts, pictures and tools and create what I want and feel and see.

Through the use of repurposed scrap steel or new stock my art forms in natural lines and suggestions or realities of natural forms. It is thrilling to use such force to create such grace. Explosive power, brute strength and searing heat fuse and form a feather or a leaf. It is fun, it is work, and it is me.

Scott’s website Strongarm Forge

The Arts Project

Gallery Hours 12 noon-5pm Tuesday-Saturday

203 Dundas Street

London Ontario

(between Richmond & Clarence)

Free Admission


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