Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

An appreciation picnic was held August 15 for the people who made Wardsville’s 200th anniversary celebration possible.

“It was a major success for Wardsville. We are creating a destination point for people in Southwest Middlesex,” said Denise Corneil, Your Wardsville treasurer.

Rick Sommer escorts tour through his outdoor art gallery

Wardsville celebrated 200 years June 18-20. One of the major attractions during that weekend was 30 8×8 foot painted murals, called barn quilts, which depicted the life of the town’s founder, George Ward. The August 15 picnic included those who painted the barn quilts, event sponsors, volunteers and other guests. They all gathered at the Made on Earth Art Gallery on Talbot Line, which is the home of Rick Sommer.

Sommer, as an artist, also provided tips to those who made the barn quilt murals.

“It was a good experience, teaching the citizens, so they could take pride turning their community into a destination point,” said Sommer.

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