Summer reading program a hit

by Louise Long and Ken Willis

The summer reading program at the local library was a decided success as many of the local children and youth took part over July and August.  Prizes were awarded to those who  completed the required reading assignments.

Work on the Wardsville bridge has been moving ahead as scheduled.

Mary Simpson, on behalf of the Your Wardsville community association, attended a recent SWM council meeting, seeking their support in extending the barn quilt trail project to neihbouring communities.

Volunteers have just recently completed installing the 30 barn quilt blocks around Wardsville and nearby community.

With the blocks in place, Bev Welch led a group from Wildwood Park, Morpeth, on a tour around the community to view each block, explaining what each represented.  Bev used walkie talkies to communicate with people in the several cars involved in the tour.

September 9, 2010.  Printed in the Glencoe Transcript & Free Press


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