Antique road show at Beattie Haven

by Marie Williams-Gagnon

Some left Beattie Haven’s version of the “Antique Road Show” thrilled with the appraisals they had received while others departed disappointed.

Well over 50 gathered in a tented area on the Beattie Haven grounds, south of Wardsville, on Saturday afternoon to have their antiques appraised by Grant Gardner of the Gardner Galleries of London.

Some arrived with family treasures packed in boxes while others brought items they had purchased at estate sales or auctions.

Among the cherished goods appraised were a complete set of wooden golf clubs, musical instruments, paintings, dishes, plates, jewellery and a slew of clocks.

While some were impressed with the appraisals they received, others learned that their “treasures” were actually mass produced and only of sentimental value to the holders.

Some claimed to be interested in getting appraisals only for insurance purposes while some had plans for resale. Others were strictly curious. A few openly admitted that they hoped to get appraisals that would allow an early retirement but most took the news in stride.

Regardless of their reasons for attending the fundraiser, those who did learned a great deal about world of antiques.

Gardner told the crowd that every item is potentially valuable. While there was no incredible value in the framed works of art brought in on Saturday, earlier in the week he had appraised a painting at $100,000.

The Gardner Family has been conducting auctions in western Ontario since George R. Gardner began selling in 1922. His son Jason joined the profession in 1947, after serving in the war, and his grandson Grant joined in 1975. Now a fourth generation, Mark and James Gardner, have graduated from the oldest auction school in North America.


Marie Williams-Gagnon, Editor

Transcript & Free Press,  Glencoe, Ontario   519-287-2615


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