Antique lovers flock to Beattie Haven

by Louise Long and Ken Willis

Transcript & Free Press

A former resident of the area, Alena Richer, now of Belle River, stopped in town last Thursday to have a visit with members of the Willis family. Alena had lived between Wardsville and Newbury back in the ‘50s and ‘60s on a tobacco farm operated by her father.

Work on the underside of the Wardsville bridge was completed this past Friday afternoon. Further work is scheduled in the coming weeks for the rest of the structure.

Ken Long from St. Marys, visited with his parents, Art and Louise Long, on Saturday. While in the area, he made a tour of the Wardsville Museum and visited family and friends in Bothwell and Clachan.

Many local residents took advantage of the Beattie Haven sponsored antique appraisal event on Saturday afternoon. An appraiser from Gardner Auctions in London was almost overwhelmed by the number of items brought into the large tent that had been erected near the parking lot. Due to the large number of attendees, the event which was scheduled to run from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. continued until almost 5:00 p.m.

Joe and Myrtle Babcock of Wellington St. North celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary in Corunna this past Sunday with a gathering of family and friends.

The Oakland Cemetery Decoration Day held on Sunday afternoon was attended by many from Wardsville.

Jim and Eileen Hanna of the Wardsville Senior Apartments celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary on September 12.


Brad Stott and Chris McKay pose beside The Dresden Plate at Glencoe Fair.


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