Crocodile Productions enters commercial competition for Cheetah Power Surge

A NEW look for Cheetah Power Surge

Please look at the 30 second spot and leave a comment, post to your facebook, and tell your friends.  Let’s help Crocodile win.

Crocodile Production owners Barb Urbach and Gary Van Osch have been burning  the midnight oil to edit 14 hours of videotaping to make the Cheetah Power Surge 30-second clip.

All you Moms and Dads out there should realize that Energy Drinks are not what they promote. They are full of caffeine and other herbal inserts that jack up the caffeine content. The Canadian Food and Drug regulates the amount of caffeine that can be in these drinks….but it is at the recommended dose for ADULTS. Not that little 50 pound 10-year-old  that companies target.

That’s the difference with Cheetah….no caffeine.

NO Bull


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