In praise of volunteers

Many will be shocked to find

When the day of judgement nears,

That there’s a special place in Heaven

Set  aside for volunteers’

Furnished with big recliners

Satin couches and footstools,

Where there is No committee chairman

No yard sales or coffee to serve

No Newsletter duty or bulletin assembly,

There will be nothing to print or staple

Not one thing to fold or mail

Telephone lists will be outlawed.

But a finger snap will bring

Cold drinks and gourmet dinners

And a rare treat fit for a King

You ask…Who’ll serve these privileged and work for all they’re worth?

Why…all those who reaped the benefits and not once volunteered on Earth…

Author Unknown

I would like to congratulate the Your Wardsville Committee on a job well done..I’m sure we all recognize and appreciate the importance of volunteering and what it means to a community.  – Marigay Wilkins


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