The Rising Sun Barn Quilt at Beattie Haven.

23328 Beattie Line, Wardsville ON. Hosted by Beattie Haven Retirement Community 519-693-4901Sponsored by Old River Farm

The sun is a symbol of growth, new life and prosperity. Settlers of the 19th century such as George Ward relied on the sun for their livelihood and subsistence. The sun ensured the growth of crops. The sun powered the cycle of life. It turned the seasons and governed the weather.

The rising sun reminds us of the promise of a new day after a time of turmoil and trouble. This was the case after the war of 1812 for the settlers of Wardsville area. Much of the Ward’s property and livelihood was destroyed and needed to be rebuilt. Instead of giving up, George and Margaret Ward rebuilt their home and business in hopes of establishing a thriving homestead once again.

Happy New Year!!
Mary and Ross Snider


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