Your Wardsville annual meeting

Thankyou everyone for coming.  It has been 38 months since we began the revitalization efforts for Wardsville.  It is rewarding to see our newcomers step into leadership roles for the little village, feeling welcomed and appreciated.

Highlights of the year:

Wardsville and area is proud to have kicked off the Commemoration of the War of 1812 – 1814 two years ahead of schedule. While re-enactors, heritage groups and tourism agencies get their plans and programs in place for the commemoration in 2012, Wardsville is looking back at their bicentennial celebrated two years prior.

Wardsville’s founders, Mr. and Mrs. George Ward had barely established their wayside inn at the request of the British army when war broke out in 1812.

Wardsville’s 200-year celebration goals were to build community pride and put Wardsville back on the map. Volunteers invested 2500 hours in various projects.

The 30-block George Ward Commemorative Quilt won second prize at the International Plowing Match in St. Thomas. Volunteers then painted the same thirty 8’ x 8’ Barn Quilt blocks and mounted them on barns and important buildings throughout Wardsville area

On Father’s Day weekend, June 18 – 20, 2010, Wardsville hosted a re-enactment about George Ward and pioneer life in 1810 by Shaymus (Doug Ferguson) and friends. The re-enactors set up a camp featuring trading post, farm, potting studio, and military encampment of Royal Scots and local militia.

That same weekend, the first ever reunion of the Twin Valleys Community & School (1972-1984) was attended by 80 alumni and their family and friends. George and Margaret Ward descendants and the Lutchin family also gathered.

Dave’s Cafe held a Free Open Air Jam Session featuring many acts, Dave’s hamburgers, and Bicentennial Funnel Cakes. TCCU Wardsville community credit union dressed heritage style and were open for business. Wardsville Museum with Curator, Ken Willis, and Wardsville interpreters took visitors for a stroll down heritage lane. Wardsville firefighters displayed the new Rosenbauer 2010 tanker.

David Chidley and Larry Merrin photographed over 50 groups in a special studio over an 8-hour period. John Kendall photographed the Wardsville Bicentennial celebrations from start to finish. Cara Spooner and Simon Rabyniuk produced a 10-minute video “Walking Wardsville”.

In early October, an evening premiere featured the artistic endeavours thru fabric, film, paint, and pen.

Your Wardsville is proud of attracting creative artists and artisans to live in the community. For example, Crocodile Productions, a husband and wife film production team, acquired an important heritage building, the Old Wardsville Community Hall (1931), and are preserving it, living in it, and using the hall for what it was attended: hosting community social functions and showing film. The purchase date was June 19, 2010, the day of the Wardsville Bicentennial celebration.

Richard Sommer of Made On Earth Art Gallery purchased the old No. 3 school house on Longwoods Road because he observed a community attempting rejuvenation.

Mary Simpson, outgoing secretary


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