Wardsville teen enters the Dragon’s Den

Amy faced the Dragons but is sworn to secrecy. Just heard Amy and her Mom on CBC radio this morning.

Everyone in Wardsville needs a copy! I’ll seek out the order form and post it here. Here’s Jesse’s story about Amy’s book:

May 12, 2011, Jesse Cnockaert, West Elgin Chronicle, Article ID# 3121296

On May 16, 13-year-old Amy Cairns of Wardsville will face the Dragons.

In 2009, Amy Cairns wrote a children’s book “The Curse of the Holiday Head Lice.” Amy had experienced repeated problems with head lice, and had written a book so she could look back on the experience and laugh.

Amy’s book tells about dealing with head lice; the teasing from school kids, and all the different treatments she tries. Illustrations in the book were done by Jenica Slaats.

But next week, Amy and her mother will be heading to the CBC studio in Toronto so Amy can pitch her book on Dragon’s Den. Dragon’s Den is a reality program where entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists, and if the panel likes what they see, they may offer financial support.

Amy will appear on the show with the offer of selling her book’s publication and distribution rights for $7,000, and for $1 from each book sold.

“I’m very, very nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Amy

Amy’s mother, Bridget Cairns was the one who noticed an open casting call on the CBC website in February to get on the show. The two went to an audition Feb. 19 at Windermere Manor, London. On April 5, the Cairns received a phone call from an associate producer they met at the audition, who invited them to appear on the show.

“The big push they were looking for this time was young Canadians and products that were environmentally sound. Hers is both. The book was printed on renewable lumber,” said Bridget Cairns. “I’ve done a lot of searching online. That’s the only children’s book in print about head lice. To me, that’s huge.”

After taping, the episode of Dragon’s Den with Amy will air sometime in the fall. The general public will have to wait until the episode airs to find out what happens with Amy and her book, since she will be sworn to secrecy under a non-disclosure agreement.



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