Crocodile’s “Showdown” footage selected by CBC

The CBC has contacted Crocodile Productions. The footage they submitted of their annual “Showdown in Wardsville” Battle of the Bands Concert which took place on April 30, 2011 was selected for the upcoming Documentary Film “1 Day”. The Bands are: Nikki Richard, Sexually Transmitted Funk, The Long Lots, Longway and All Hazed.

The Film is scheduled to be broadcasted August 21, 2011 over the CBC Network.

Here is the E-mail they received from CBC:

Hi Barb,

John here from CBC’s 1 Day Documentary team. Thank you for your 1 Day submissions from the Battle of the Bands competition in Wardsville. There was some great camera and editing work there along with some interesting music.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.


John Van Dusen


3 thoughts on “Crocodile’s “Showdown” footage selected by CBC

  1. Hi there,
    Hope that you enjoy 1 Day this evening.
    I wanted to clarify though that we haven’t confirmed with ANYONE who submitted home video that it is in the documentary. We notified all those who submitted to remind them to watch and find out, but that doesn’t mean that the footage is in the show.
    We certainly did include a number, but unfortunately not all of those that were submitted did fit in the show. They do remain on the website for all to see!

    And, our website is VERY active, so even if your footage is not in the program, it will
    continue to delight many viewers online.


    • While I am disappointed that “Showdown in Wardsville” was not included in the CBC’s 1 Day documentary, as a producer, I understand the creative process and how a project changes and evolves over time.

      There were many other clips I enjoyed watching on your site that also were not included in your program. Not everything fits into the structure of your project. Can’t show everything.

      That being said, kudos to CBC for producing an excellent and entertaining show!! Thanks for placing Wardsville on the national scene by including the footage of the UTMRS aka The Royal Scots. I am certain they are tickled “Pink” …I mean “Red”.

      We take pride in our local history. Thank you for helping to promote it.

  2. I would like to clarify that the email I sent to Crocodile Productions was not to inform them that their video has been selected for the 1 Day documentary airing tonight at 8 PM on CBC.
    1 Day is a special co-production between CBC and Canadians.
    We received hundreds of entries from across Canada showcasing the country from coast to coast. While the submissions from Barb were indeed well shot and edited, no one has received definite word that their video made it into the documentary. All home video entries can be viewed on CBC’s website:
    Thanks again for your participation!
    – John

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