Newport Forest

Excerpt from TTLT web-site: After the sudden death of Lorne Newport in 1998, his executrix Eva Newport put the property up for sale. NCC inspected the property and encouraged its use as a conservation area. In June, 2000, it was purchased by Omnibus Research, Inc (A.K. Dewdney). The NCC easement was developed in 2001 and approved in 2002. The Thames Talbot Land Trust (TTLT) was incorporated in 2000 and A.K. Dewdney developed an interest in the TTLT which led to his including a codicil to his will leaving the Newport Forest to the TTLT in 2004. In 2006, A.K. Dewdney decided to advance his gift of the land to the TTLT and began the process, which included the development of this Conservation Management Plan.

In preparation for the transfer of title to the property it was agreed amongst A.K Dewdney, the NCC and TTLT that the Conservation Easement should be assigned from NCC to TTLT prior to the transfer of title in order to simplify future management and monitoring issues. Under the terms of the Eco-Gift provisions, Environment Canada (CWS) authorized this assignment in December 2006. The Conservation Easement was assigned to TTLT in April 2007. Title to the Newport Forest was transferred from Omnibus research Inc. to TTLT in June 2007.
View this video about Newport Forest prepared by the London Community Foundation.


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