Our ace in the hole: Skunk’s Misery

“Skunk’s Misery” consists of forest, grassland, wetland and watercourses.  It straddles three counties and links to the Thames River. The woodlands play a significant role in protecting the air, soil and water. Skunk’s Misery is one of the few places in Canada where you can find a mix of Carolinian trees, such as Chestnut, Sassafras, Tulip Tree and Flowering Dogwood, typical of more southern climates.  In the woodland and along the roadsides, is one of the country’s most diverse butterfly populations.   The site has Canada’s largest colony of endangered Acadian Flycatcher along with many other rare species such as Black Rat Snakes and Cerulean Warblers. [1]  The stories about Orville Shaw, the hermit of Skunk’s Misery, need to be written down.

Excerpt from Nov 28th Inventory


[1] News release from Middlesex County and Carolinian Canada, Re: Unveiling of Skunk’s Misery Plaque.  July 5, 2005.


3 thoughts on “Our ace in the hole: Skunk’s Misery

  1. I have recently been looking into my heritage and have discovered that I am an ancestor of Orville Shaw. My father’s name was Roy Edward Joyce, his mother’s name was Cora Della (Harris) Joyce and his father’s name was Thomas Joyce. I know my grandfather worked on the railroad close to his home. If you have any information on Orville Shaw I would love to have it or if you know where I can get some information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and may god bless you

    • Just found this post. Orval was my grandfathers brother and I too am looking for info on Orval. I have dozens of newspaper articles about his escapades in evading the OPP and I think he married a Minnie Harris but I do know they had at least one child but I have hit a brick wall from there. I can’t find a date of death or anything about him. I have an article where it says in his later years (in the 1970’s) he was pretty much a recluse. If you do get this message, can you let me know if you have found any more info on him since your message.

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