Battle of the Longwoods Itinerary, March 8, 9, 2014

Everything went according to plan.  Many thanks to the Upper Thames Military Re-enactment Society for leading an amazing week: and

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Brunch.  9:00-12:00- Newbury Fire Hall, 22902 Hagerty Road, Newbury- @ $6.00.

Saturday Morning

10 am – 12  Ken Willis is leading Barn Quilt Walking Tour around Wardsville. Meet at the Wardsville Museum, downtown Wardsville on Longwoods Road.

10 am-2 pm  Local Libraries:  The Glencoe, Newbury and Wardsville Libraries are open 10 – 2 on Saturday, March 8th, with lots of activities planned to commemorate the Battle of Longwoods. There will be displays of antiques and children will make quill pens and spinners.

11:00 am- 5:00 pm. Longwoods Road (Hwy 2) to be closed. Traffic will be rerouted by OPP along County Roads: north on Dundonald; east/west on Concession Road and north/south on Pratts Siding Road.  Local traffic will be allowed through.  BUT the road will be completely blocked at Battle Hill site.  Local traffic will need to drive around Airport Road and Trillium Rd.

12:00 noon – 2:00 pm. Reception Tent at the Battle of the Longwoods site. Soup and sandwich lunch kitchen by the 4 & 20 Blackbirds.  All welcome.

12:00-2:00pm – Spectators arrive at site.  No bleachers: bring your own lawn chairs.  Get a good observation position. Dress warmly.

Parking.  A shuttle will move people from their cars to the battle site.

1:30 pm Last spectators arrive and get settled. Aim to arrive early and enjoy some social time at the Reception Tent and food by 4 & 20 Blackbirds. Dress warmly. Bring your own seating.  Good boots for the cold or slush!

2:00 pm. Re-enactment begins.

Filming.  Barb Urbach of Crocodile Productions is filming the re-enactment and urges everyone with a smartphone or camera to shoot video from their vantage point and submit it to their footage collection.  Contact Barb Urbach at 519 692-1092 or to arrange download after the event.

2:45  Dedication of the new Memorial Plaque.

3:00 pm. Drum Head Funeral Service.  Because there was never a proper military burial of the dead after the battle, an official Drum Head funeral will be held for the 21 soldiers who died from both sides of the conflict.  New

3:30- 4:45pm. Reception Tent social for spectators and participants.  The re-enactors invited everyone to a complimentary reception with hot beverages and finger foods.

5:00  Road reopens. Traffic resumes. Spectator shuttle bus done.

6:00 pm-?  – Battle of the Longwoods Dinner/Dance at the Glencoe Agricultural Hall $20/person. Period costumes encouraged.  6:00 pm Refreshments.  7:00 Dinner.  8:00 Dance of the Era.  9:00 Pierce Orchestra.   Tickets: Antje Giles, Nola’s Décor, Glencoe Public Library, or Ken Beecroft 519 287-9909.  This is a is a Celebrate Community Committee event

Sunday March 9, 2014

7:00 – 9:00 am.  Continental Breakfast, Wardsville United Church.  Donation.

10:00 am. Church Service held jointly by the Wardsville, North Ekfrid and Melbourne United Churches at the Wardsville United Church.  A candle will be lit for each of the 21 soldiers lost two hundred years ago.

11:00 am Soup Luncheon, Wardsville United Church.  Free will offering.

Barn Quilt Trails.  The local barn quilt trails tell the stories surrounding the war as it was experienced by women, children, and families in this area.  For the map and the stories that go with each barn quilt go to

Bicentennial Commemoration complete.


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Longwoods Itinerary, March 8, 9, 2014

  1. Why is there no reference to the Native American participation? I recall on the original plaque (before it was translated into French) there was reference to their participation in the Battle of the Longwoods and perhaps even referred to Tecumseh. Is there any archives that would show the wording of the original plaque, the one that I read many times as a child when visiting the Battle Hill National Historic site as it bordered our farm?

  2. The Memorial Plaque does mention the British Indian Department, at that time my great uncle Captain Billy Caldwell was the leader of the native forces at the battle. There are no records of the names of any of the other warriors nor is there any record of any who were killed. The Western (Caldwell) Ranges my have had natives but there was no distinction between European, Natives or Black soldier. Representatives on the native communities have been invited to participate in the planning but only one has attended on very rare occasions. Tecumseh had been killed in the previous October. I have not seen any reference to any other plaque than the one on the cairn.

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